Mt Cargill run huge challenge

For a good cause . . . Runners Andrew Glennie (left) and Steve Tripp will run up and down Mt Cargill for 24 hours this weekend to raise money for The Valley Project. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

Two men plan to run up and down Mt Cargill this weekend – over and over and over again.

Steve Tripp and Andrew Glennie will spend 24 hours, from 10am on Saturday until 10am on Sunday, running up and down the mountain to raise funds for the Valley Project.

The pair will start from Bethune’s Gully and hope to make it up and down 12 times – totalling about 100km.

“The idea is to keep doing as many descents as you can,” Glennie said.

“Twelve seems like a good number.”

Glennie said running for 24 hours was a mental feat and a good exercise in willpower.

“When your body feels stuffed you just keep on going until you don’t have to any more.”

Tripp, who is involved in the Valley Project, runs up the mountain every day and thought it would be a good way to raise money for a good cause.

“It’s a way of connecting with people as well as nature, which is also what the Valley Project is about.”

It will be the first time Steve has tackled a 24-hour event, which he admits will be a “challenge”.

They will wear head torches at night and will be joined on their marathon challenge by a handful of other runners.

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