Ice Skating Club presents ‘Jungle Book’

Aiming high . . . Threshold Taekwon-Do School pupil Abi Gibson won junior student of the year at the club. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

Skaters in Dunedin Ice Skating Club’s adaptation of The Jungle Book (front from left) Misaki Joe (13), as Mowgli, Tanya Fulton, as Bagheera, (back from left) Ricky Cockerill, as King Louis, Brooke Cathro (11), as Larry the Mongoose, Hannah Sime (16), as Baloo, Gemma (11) and Benjamin (13) Pickering, as parrots, Lydia Peters (8), as a banana, and Fiona Pickering, as a wolf, before dress rehearsals on Tuesday afternoon.

They, along with the rest of the cast, will perform three shows – one tomorrow and two on Saturday.

Skaters of all ages will be in the show experienced coaches.

Director Megan Kliegl said this was the biggest cast to perform in the club’s annual show.

“I love doing this as it gives the coaches who, in their heyday, were champions, that time to bring their passion back to the ice.”

The shows will be held at the Dunedin Ice Stadium. PHOTO/REPORT: JESSICA WILSON