Giving wellbeing head start


Entering a team in the Impact Surf to Stadium is one of the ways Otago Polytechnic is encouraging staff to look after their wellbeing.

Otago Polytechnic safety and wellbeing manager Andy Westgate hopes to gather a team of about 20 staff to walk or run the 10km or 4km events on March 24.

The polytechnic runs a wellbeing programme throughout the year, which has a different theme each month.

Last month was based around healthy eating, and March’s “move me” theme, which encourages people to “get up and move around”, will incorporate the Surf to Stadium.

Mr Westgate said he wanted to promote wellbeing in the organisation “as best I can” and make it easy for people to look after their health by removing any barriers which might be stopping them.

“It’s about giving staff the opportunity to engage with new staff they may not have met or know . . . and actually just have a bit of fun more than anything.”

He hoped taking part in the event as a team would create new friendships, strengthen staff relationships and get better personal and work results.

Mr Westgate took part in the event last year with about 15 other staff, and hopes to improve on his 10km time.

To prepare, he planned to walk from his Mosgiel home to the polytechnic on Walk2Work Day, he said.

“I’m pledging to do that as my training for the Surf to Stadium.”

Sport Otago business development and events manager Michael Smith said it was great to have business getting involved as a team for the event.

“Workplace wellness is so very important these days. This is great way to see your work colleagues in a different light.”


With just four weeks to go until the Impact Surf to Stadium, your training should be well under way. MoveMe, a Dunedin City Council initiative aimed at getting residents active, has a 12-week plan to help you run 10km. Check out this week’s plan to see if you are on the right track:

Sunday: 45min easy run

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 10min easy, 5min fast, 5min easy, 5min fast, 5min easy

Wednesday: 20min easy run

Thursday: 20min fast run

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 30min hilly run (at an easy pace)


Here’s this week’s plan for the 4km event:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Run 7min, walk 2min. Do three times.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Run 8min, walk 2min. Do three times.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Run 8min, walk 2min. Do three times.