On the ice . . . Dunedin curler Mhairi-Bronte Duncan has been selected in the New Zealand under-21 team that will travel to Finland to compete. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

After trialling and missing out for two years, Mhairi-Bronte Duncan was recently selected in the New Zealand under-21 curling team.

To avoid too much disappointment if she did not make the team again, the 19-year-old had a back-up plan.

“I would either go to Finland with curling or I’d climb Mt Cook,” Duncan said.

“I needed something good to do if I did not get in.”

But for now, Mt Cook will have to wait.

Duncan will travel to Finland with the team to compete in the world junior B competition early next year, with the hopes of qualifying for the world junior A competition in Scotland.

If the team qualifies, it will give Duncan a chance to meet some of her relatives in Scotland for the first time.

Fellow Dunedin curler Emma Sutherland was re-selected for the women’s team, while Hamish Walker will represent the under-21 men’s team.

To be eligible for the team, curlers had to compete in either an open age national competition or an under-21 competition.

Duncan made a team with Dunedin curlers and entered the national competition in Dunedin.

As it was going to be the last time she trialled for the team and she wanted to make sure she did her best.

“I did put in a lot of ice time and gym time.”

She was the skip for the first time, which meant she had to direct her team-mates where to throw the stone and think strategically.

Duncan has been curling for five years.

She started when a teacher from her old high school, Otago Girls’, convinced her it was a sport that would allow her to travel the world and meet new people.

In December, that will come to fruition.

The Otago Polytechnic student said she would continue playing as long as she was selected in representative teams.

“It’s a very, very social sport.

“It’s like chess on ice.”