Conserving energy key in enduro race


An experienced Mosgiel district motorcyclist is braced for the difficult challenge of riding 600km over five days through Romania next month.

“I’d like to say I’m reasonably fit. I’ve had a fair bit of time on the bike over the years but it’s not going to be an easy feat,” Steve White, of Berwick, said.

White, an active member of the Mosgiel District Motorcycle Club, will join hundreds of riders on the 14th edition of the Red Bull Romaniacs Hard Enduro Rallye 29.

There are four grades of competition; gold, silver, bronze and iron.

White will compete in the bronze category. His goal is just to complete the event.

Conserving energy would be important, he said.

“It’s really going to depend on how much energy you exert on the first few days.”

Competitors begin the event with a “prologue” on the first day, during which they race a series of time trial runs in the city of Sibiu before taking on four days of off-road riding.

Results of the prologue determine the starting order of riders for the first day of off-road racing.

White said he was aiming to achieve a place within the top quarter of competitors, so he would have better use of the tracks.

“The bottlenecks won’t be as great. The tracks might be clearer and there won’t be so many people in the road.”

Stretches of the off-road enduro course varied in difficulty, with some sections harder going than others, White explained.

“You might get a challenge that might last for 7km but that might take an hour for you to do that 7km and then you might have 40km where it’s just basically flat out on tops of very good flowing country.”

Completing the Hard Enduro Rallye had been “a bit of a dream” for White since he learned of the event from New Zealand Motorbike enduro champion Chris Birch when he joined White on a ride in 2010. Birch won the gold class of the Hard Enduro Rallye that same year.