Confident in second year


After making her debut in the national umpire squad last season, Gracey Farquharson is hoping her experience will come in handy as she returns for her second year.

“Obviously in your first season you’re just kind of finding your feet and getting used to the competition, so I am excited to see what my second season holds,” she said.

Farquharson was named in the 14-person squad, which officiates ANZ Premiership and Beko league games, earlier this month.

She umpired Beko league games last season and expected to do the same this time around.

Travelling to games around the country was “exciting”, and she enjoyed umpiring different teams.

She was feeling more confident heading into her second season, but still had to manage fitting her umpiring duties in within her timetable while doing her final year of law studies at the University of Otago.

“I have a bit more of an understanding of how I want to approach the season, still balancing netball with uni.”

Despite her commitment to the national games, she will still umpire Dunedin club games and coach other up-and-coming umpires.

“When I’m not flying on the weekend I will try to get down to Dunedin.”

The ANZ Premiership started on February 24, and the Beko League begins on Saturday.