Club records fall at competitions

Heavy lifters . . . Otago Weightlifting members (back from left) Owen Webb, Shea Webb, Luka Homersham, Connell Webb, Torin Webb, Lochlan Webb, Callan Helms, (middle from left) Patrick Sefo-Cloughley, Amanda Gould, Emily Perry, Leigh Martel, Kelly Hoyt, Kiri Sharp, Shanaya Allan and (front) Jiro Ishida celebrate their recent success at national weightlifting competitions. Absent: Joelle Gatenby, Dylan Anakin, Ryan Evans, Nikita Parker, Josh Homersham, Rob Jordan and Laurel Hubbard. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

Otago Weightlifting has had a string of successes at national weightlifting competitions.

Twenty-two lifters competed in the secondary school and senior national championships, both held in Auckland last month.

They broke about 40 club records during the competitions and the senior team won the women’s shield for the first time.

Patrick Sefo-Cloughley (15) finished second in the under-94kg class, with a personal-best 90kg snatch and a 101kg clean and jerk.

“I was really happy because it was my first time competing in a big competition.”

His success was a redemption for earlier in the year, when he was at the youth development camp and failed to total.

“Now that we train as a team at the same time it’s better, because then we can all motivate each other.”

Patrick has been part of the club for about a year and joined after he started weightlifting at another gym and wanted to develop his skills.

“I really enjoy it.”

Senior results:
Kiri Sharp (53kg, 112kg total) 6. Leigh Martel (58kg, 132kg total) 6. Jiro Ishida (62kg, 197kg total) 2. Owen Webb (69kg, 185kg total) 2 junior, 3 senior. Amanda Gould (63kg, 168kg total) 1. Nikita Parker (69kg, 147kg total) 5 junior, 10 senior. Shanaya Allan (75kg, 141kg total) 4. Josh Homersham (94kg, 250kg total) 2 junior, 9 senior. Robert Jordan (94kg, 287kg total) 2. Laurel Hubbard (90+kg, 232kg total) 1. Callan Helms (105+kg, 249kg total) 5.

Secondary school results:
Joelle Gatenby (53kg, 62kg total) 15+ years 2. Kelly Hoyt (58kg, 77kg total) 15+ years 3. Emily Perry (63kg, 86kg total) 15+ years 2. Lochlan Webb (56kg, 93kg total) 15- years 2. Shea Webb (56kg, 110kg total) 15+ years 2. Torin Webb (62kg, 132kg total) 15- years 1. Dylan Anakin (69kg, 136kg total) 15+ years 5. Connell Webb (69kg, 149kg total) 15+ years 4. Ryan Evans (77kg, 170kg total) 15+ years 4. Luka Homersham (94kg, 147kg total) 15+ years 3. Patrick Sefo-Cloughley (94kg, 191kg total) 15- years 2.