Call to get pedalling for a good cause


Cycling for charity


The University of Otago physiology department is encouraging local businesses and groups to cycle for a good cause next week as part of the Heart Foundation’s Annual Appeal.
The South Island Cycle Challenge will consist of teams of up to four people cycling for 10 minutes per team on a stationary bike in Wall Street Mall.
Department of physiology departmental administrator and event co-ordinator Tracey Fleet said the event was suitable for everyone to get involved in, not just athletes.
“It’s a bit of fun.”
Organisers had also arranged for special guests to make an appearance, including some Otago Volts players.
The cycle challenge was held for the first time last year and some of the money raised went towards the upgrade of a family room in Dunedin Hospital.
“We are hoping to raise more [money] this year.”
A map was set up which displayed the total distance cycled during the event if the stationary bikes had been on the road.
Participants cycled the distance from Dunedin to the West Coast and one man cycled for the full three hours on his own, she said.
University of Otago senior lecturer Pete Jones said many academics in the department who researched heart disease received funding from the Heart Foundation, so they wanted to do something to support that body.
As well as a fundraiser, the challenge would also be an opportunity to show Dunedin residents where their donations went, he said.
“Dunedin does really well out of the Heart Foundation. A lot of it does come back to the Otago region.”
The cycle challenge will be held on February 17. There is still room for more teams so if you want to get involved, email