Bronze medal for local diver


Despite teaming up with a synchronised partner who did not speak English, a Dunedin diver landed himself a bronze medal at an international competition.

Theo Smith (13) competed in the Singapore age group national competition in July.

He was there for eight days and competed for five.

He was initially signed up to compete in individual events – 1m, 3m, 5m, 7.5m and 10m – but asked his coach if he could also compete in the synchro dive.

Although it was “super hard” to communicate with his partner, diving had its “own language” so they were able to nail the dives and secure the bronze.

Theo said five pairs competed and all the others had been training together for about three years.

He was in age group B, competing against divers from countries including South Korea, Macau, India and Singapore.

The Otago Boys’ High School pupil, who has been diving for about five years, qualified for the Singapore competition after performing well at events in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin earlier in the year.

Despite slipping and badly cutting his foot at one competition, he still managed to qualify as one of two South Island divers. They joined about six others from the North Island.

The dives Smith performed included a front pike and a back pike.