Dunedin’s first beach football tournament was a success, despite a few waves almost forcing the competition off the sand.

Five teams competed in the tournament, which was hosted by Grants Braes AFC and held at Tomahawk Beach on Saturday.

Grants Braes AFC president Dan Ferguson said the pitch had been prepared the night before the tournament but an early morning swell covered the pitch.

“[A] massive swell came through and pretty much wiped out the entire field.”

The games were going to be moved to the grass fields but just as they goals were put up, the sun came out and players were able to take to the sand, he said.

“It all worked out really good in the end.”

The games started at 11.30am and finished at about 5pm.

Teams accumulated points throughout the day to determine which would make the final, which was between University and Coraldinho and his Assistants.

The University team had four wins before the final but lost 7-2.

Ferguson said spectators were “coming and going” throughout the day and everyone seemed to enjoy the event.

“People were already talking about wanting to partake next year.

“We will definitely look to carry it on as a yearly tradition.”