Young gardener winner

Green fingers . . . Macandrew Bay School pupil Jackson Evans is the recipient of a Young Gardener Award. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

A Dunedin pupil’s green fingers have landed him a national award.

Macandrew Bay School pupil Jackson Evans (10) was one of five pupils in New Zealand to receive a Young Gardener award, as part of the garden to table programme.

Jackson started taking an interest in gardening last year, when volunteer gardener Sue Pierre visited the school to teach pupils how to grow produce.

Ms Pierre visits the school at lunchtime about twice a week and the pupils work alongside her.

“I just like gardening,” Jackson said.

“I just like growing it and watching it from seed to produce.”

So far, he has grown potatoes, pumpkins, corn, courgettes and beans in the school garden and hoped to grow lettuce next. His favourite vegetables to grow are potatoes and beans.

Once the vegetables are ready to be picked, the pupils create recipes and cook with them.

Jackson said the key to being a good gardener was to “just know what you’re doing and what you’re growing”.

He was “shocked” when he found out he had won the award, particularly because he was one of five in the country.

The school is part of the Enviroschools programme and operates a compost bin and three worm farms.

The award was sponsored by T&G Global.