Wheels sought for 1909 cannon


A Portobello cannon is in need of some wheels to restore it to its former glory.
The 1909 Krupp field gun, which was originally on display at Latham Bay, near Portobello, was taken in by the Otago Peninsula Museum after the left wheel began falling apart, museum chairman Warren Morris said.
He restored the wheel about 10 years ago, when it was returned to the bay for the 150th celebrations of Portobello School, but the wood had disintegrated since then.
He hoped there would be a farmer or someone else with a spare wheel or two that would be suitable for the cannon, Mr Morris said. “[We want to] put a call out for anyone that’s got some wheels.” Unlike the weapons further up the road at Taiaroa Head, the cannon’s purpose was as a memorial of World War 1. “Every little small town across New Zealand has a cannon.” Otago Peninsula Community Board chairman Paul Pope said once the cannon had been restored, it would have to be decided whether to return it to the bay or keep it at the museum. “It’s a conservation thing.”
Mr Morris said the “coastal environment” meant the cannon had been exposed to harsh weather, so once it was restored it would have to be decided whether to return it to the shoreside. He hoped the hunt for wheels would be successful.
“You never know, there might be a farmer out there who has some spare wheels
… who might say `I’d like to fix the cannon’.”
If anyone has wheels they think might be suitable and want to give to the Otago Peninsula Museum to restore the Latham Bay cannon, phone Mr Morris on 478-0255 or email wamorris@xtra.co.nz.