‘Urban’ creative project now Dunedin Dream

Big dreams for Dunedin . . . Newly-appointed broker for the re-launched Dunedin Dream Brokerage, Kate Schrader, is looking forward to working with local groups on imaginative projects for vacant inner-city spaces. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

A popular project to connect artist and other creative groups with vacant inner-city spaces has been re-launched this month.

The Dunedin Dream Brokerage (formerly Urban Dream Brokerage), which has been operating in the city for the past three years, has a new name, a new website, and a new umbrella organisation – the Otago Chamber of Commerce.

The Dunedin Dream Brokerage was founded and overseen for its first three years by Wellington-based Letting Space, but that organisation is now focusing its efforts closer to home.

Brokerage co-founder and former director Sophie Jerram, of Wellington, is thrilled to be passing the torch.

“Dunedin property owners and creatives have always embraced the values of a shared city.”

The project had brokered 27 diverse projects, including a lounge full of vintage computer games, a room to watch the sun, immersive theatre, and projects to upscale old shoes and repair clothes.

Newly-appointed broker Kate Schrader said she was thrilled to have the opportunity to take over the project, which was developed by former Dunedin broker Tamsin Cooper.

“The changes mean that we can take this incredible concept and continue it on a Dunedin-specific basis,” she said.

The Dunedin Dream Brokerage is open for business again and the first project under the new structure is set to start tomorrow.

Former Dunedin artist Kelly O’Shea, now based in Wellington, returns to present D.R.I.P. by DIRT Gallery – a week-long interactive event at 23 Princes St (opposite the Community Gallery).

Supported by property partner Haranda Investments, the installation features six national and international artists: Halszka Manash, Piupiu Maya Turei, Jordana Bragg, Debris Facility, Stef Animal and Rata Scott von Tippelskirch.

The D.R.I.P. project will open at 5.30pm today (Friday), with the release of a limited edition publication, designed and published by Point Design.

For the rest of the week, the six artists will have a single day each to engage with the space with an installation.

Funded through Ara Toi, Dunedin’s Arts and Culture Strategy, Dunedin Dream Brokerage is seeking applications from local artists and creative groups, and would like to hear from willing landlords.

Information on how to get involved and an archive of past projects can be found on the new website: dunedindreambrokerage.nz