Twice the speed limit – no fines

Southern police district road policing manager Inspector Amelia Steel.


Dunedin motorists clocking speeds more than twice the limit have avoided fines.

The Dunedin City Council reduced the speed limit from 30kmh to 10kmh in sections of Princes and George Sts between May 15 and June 8 to encourage physical distancing among shoppers.

An Official Information Act request revealed police issued no speeding tickets to motorists for exceeding the 10kmh limit.

Council transport group manager Jeanine Benson said data revealed 28kmh was the average speed motorists travelled in a section of George St when the speed limit was 30kmh.

When the limit was reduced to 10kmh, the average speed dropped to 22kmh.

The speed data was collected from four tube counters in George St between the Octagon and Frederick St by council contractor Fulton Hogan.

When asked if the council was happy with motorists travelling at more than twice the posted speed limit, Ms Benson replied: “Motorists should always travel at the posted speed limit”.

Southern police district road policing manager Inspector Amelia Steel said the council made her aware of the reduced speed limit and to “support their intent”.

No road policing staff had been deployed to the area, Insp Steel said.

Road policing staff were primarily interested in the speeds motorists were travelling on highways, Insp Steel said.

“We deploy to risk and the risk still remains on our open roads.”