Turn still testing city bus drivers


The tight turn for buses at Cargill’s Corner has come back into the spotlight after another bus hit a veranda on the corner while turning.

The Star first reported the problem in November last year.

Pop-In Pop-Up Market co-owner Liane Craig said this week another bus had hit the veranda of the market recently, but this time it had resulted in the crash shattering the bus windows.

The tight turn was identified as a problem corner for buses turning left from Hillside Rd into King Edward St since the bus routes changed last year.

Buses had previously run down King Edward St on to Princes St, but were now turning down Hillside Rd on to Andersons Bay Rd.

Otago Regional Council support services manager Gerard Collings said the ORC was aware of the crash several weeks ago and was investigating it.

He said staff were looking at several potential solutions to better navigating the tight turn, but for now the advice for bus drivers to turn left by pulling into the right-turning lane while signalling left was the best option.

“It’s a very widely accepted practice.”

While it was still a “valid” and “lawful” option, Mr Collings said car drivers also needed to be aware of the bus drivers’ manoeuvres as he had heard of some cars attempting to undercut the buses to also turn left at the same time.

He encouraged drivers to take more notice of bus indicators.

had happened on a weekend, it was possible the driver had been put on an unfamiliar route out of peak-traffic hours.

complicated for bus drivers not used to the manoeuvre.

She said they had also seen cars needing to back up on King Edward St to let the buses get around the corner. While the buses straddling the centre lane had lessened the issue, it had not solved it.