Thomson taking on the Dream


Creative projects in unused spaces will be the focus of Katrina Thomson for the next three months.
The Dunedin-based sculptor and artist, who has been part of the team creating giant lanterns for the Dunedin Midwinter Carnival, is stepping into the role of Urban Dream Brokerage broker while Tamsin Cooper is on maternity leave.
Miss Thomson’s time in the role begins with audio visual experience Planet Obsolescence, which opened last night.
She said the project, based at 23 Princes St, was an “interactive sci-fi-esque” experience using live online video streaming and radio wave technology to imagine afterlife for obsolete technology.
The installation, created by Erica Sklenars and Nikolai Sim, has used more than 60 discarded LCD monitors and other electronics and would be open from 10am to 4pm from Tuesday to Saturday until February 25, she said.
As many of the lease-holders of the spaces used by Urban Dream Brokerage were on the hunt for tenants, many of the “quite unconventional spaces” used for projects were confirmed only a month or so before the exhibitions started, she said.
The process of an Urban Dream Brokerage project was for the artist to describe what they wanted in a site. The broker would go looking for unused spaces with the requirements and then would pitch the idea to the leaseholder.
With about seven projects _ some as part of the Dunedin Fringe Festival _ and a call for proposals during her three-month role, Miss Thomson said it would be “really exciting” few months.
“I’m really pleased to have this opportunity.”
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