Testing time as NCEA exams start

Hitting the books . . . Bayfield High School pupils Phoebe Whittam and Jahman Cochrane (both 17) prepare for their NCEA exams, which start tomorrow. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

Secondary school pupils are ready to put their knowledge to the test, in their end-of-year exams starting tomorrow.

In Otago, 6337 pupils will undergo National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) exams.

More than two and a-half thousand pupils will do level 1 exams, 2295 will do level 2, 1905 will sit level 3 and 367 will take scholarship exams.

Bayfield High School year 12 pupils Phoebe Whittam and Jahman Cochrane will sit a level 2 physics exam tomorrow.

They have already passed level 2 overall, but are hoping to do well in their exams and get subject endorsements.

“Knowing that we don’t have to rely heavily on the exams is definitely a weight off the shoulders,” Jahman said.

He is sitting five exams – English, physics, biology, chemistry and level 3 statistics – most of which are at the start of the exam period. It was a heavy, but manageable, workload, he said.

He studied best by “constantly” writing notes.

His final exam is level 3 statistics, on November 28.

Phoebe has six exams – English, French, geography, chemistry, physics and level 3 calculus.

Most of her exams are in the first week and her last is French, on December 3, the final day of exams.

Last year, she had all her exams within five days.

“This year I have more time to study but at the same time it would be nice to have summer holidays and not worry about exams,” she said.

Doing past exam papers was a good way to see if she was “on the right track”.

Tuesday was their final day of school for the year before exam leave.