Tertiary students enjoy a break


North Dunedin’s student quarter has emptied and the University of Otago campus is nearly deserted after the first semester finished last week.

Students have headed home after weeks of lectures, tutorials and assignments and two weeks of exams.

From June 7 to June 21, 12,681 University of Otago students sat 451 exams which resulted in a total of 37,411 sittings.

Otago University Students’ Association president Hugh Baird said there was a positive vibe around campus during the exam period.

The libraries and food courts on campus were busier than usual, as they were also a warm space for people to study.

“There’s people left, right and centre, as people seem to congregate around the libraries around exams.”

While most students went home for the holidays, OUSA tried to cater for the ones who stuck around by continuing to provide $3 lunches.

For those who could afford to go home, Mr Baird said it was a good opportunity to “say ‘hi’ to mum and dad, stay warm” and enjoy a home-cooked meal.

“Best of luck for all the students with their results and for those who are leaving or sitting their last exams, congratulations.”

OUSA Student Support Centre student advocate Justene Allen said students had reached out to the centre for help during exam period.

While some needed help applying for special consideration, there was an increase in the number of students requiring help applying for financial hardship and foodbank and budgeting advice, as many students struggled with big power bills during winter, Ms Allen said.

“Also there was a run of students getting advice and help [about] the damp and mould in their flats, given that the exam period linked in with the weather getting colder and us having more resources to lend out.”

Any students wanting help to understand their results, recount or remarking processes can drop into the Student Support Centre (5 Ethel Benjamin Pl) or email help@ousa.org.nz.