Teething issues on cycleway

Pathway pooling . . . One of the large puddles affecting the ease in which pedestrians and cyclists can use the Macandrew Bay/Company Bay shared pathway when it rains. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

Lines will be painted around garden plots on the shared cycleway between Portobello and Broad Bay to make the gardens easier to see in the dark, Dunedin City Council transport delivery manager Josh Von Pein says.

He was responding to concerns that some cyclists were inadvertently going into the pebbled garden areas because they were difficult to see at night, even with bike lights.

The painted lines would mean the area was not ” pitch black” and would help to delineate the shared path from the gardens.

Once the garden landscaping had filled out this would also help.

During the consultation phase about the project there had been little feedback about the need for additional lighting.

“Most peninsula residents seemed to be happy with the status quo”.

The light-emitting diode (LED) lighting project which would include the replacement of all current lights with LEDs would result in better quality light in these areas.

LED lights would be added at key intersections along Portobello Rd and at bus stops.

“The lighting of the whole of Portobello Rd will need to be discussed at a later date, when we would seek community feedback.”

When asked about the tendency for parts of the existing shared pathway in the Macandrew Bay-Company Bay area to pool water when it rained which could be off-putting for cyclists and pedestrians, Mr Von Pein said staff would look into this.

A grassed verge north of the playground in Macandrew Bay which had caused water to back up in a southerly, had been removed.

Staff would look at the area during rain to see what might be causing other pooling. Usually, when they visited the peninsula during rain they were looking for slips, he said.

The design of the widening work allowed stormwater to flow over the cycleway and into the harbour.

In a heavy weather event, mud tanks and culverts on the inland side of Portobello Rd could block and concentrate flow over the cycleway.

Once these were found, the blockages were cleared by routine maintenance patrols.

During high tides and adverse weather, harbour water sometimes came over the lower sections of the shared path.

The DCC recognised this was an ongoing issue and would address it as budget allowed, he said.

Spokes Dunedin chairman Jon Dean suggested more consideration could be given to water run-off during the design of cycleways. He would be keen to see photos of areas where people might have concerns.