St Leonards School gains $2000 grant for fencing


Plan to upgrade fencing surrounding an outdoor sports court at St Leonards School have been supported by the West Harbour Community Board, to the tune of $2000.

At its first meeting for 2019, held last Wednesday at Port Chalmers Town Hall, the board agreed to allow the school to use the funds – originally granted towards the court upgrade – towards the estimated $12,000 cost of the fence.

The cost of the court upgrade itself will now be covered by the Ministry of Education under the school’s 10-year property plan.

During its public forum, the board heard concerns about ongoing investigations into the proposal by the Aramoana League to restore the former Aramoana wharf.

Aramoana Conservation Trust representative Adrian Hall expressed the group’s concerns that rebuilding the wharf would have a negative impact on local wildlife.

Other topics discussed included vegetation overgrowing footpaths in Sawyers Bay and Ravensbourne, local policing levels, and plans for local community awards.

The board also discussed giving feedback to the Remuneration Authority on whether community boards should continue to be funded by the authority or from a “governance pool”.

Board members were opposed to this, and also expressed opposition to population-based funding.