Spilt paint tracks can’t be cleaned up: Council

White-out .. White paint splattered across Jackson and Ajax Sts in St Kilda. PHOTOS: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Nothing can be done about the “unpleasant” white paint splattered across a St Kilda intersection, the Dunedin City Council says.

Council transport delivery manager Josh Von Pein said the paint at the intersection of Jackson and Ajax streets was “accidentally split by an unknown private individual, not the council’s contractor”.

“Our contractor has been unsuccessful in trying to clean it up – the road surface would be damaged if we tried to waterblast or grind it off.

“The other option would be to reseal the whole road, which again is expensive. We decided the best option was to leave it to wear off. While the site is unpleasant to look at, it is not dangerous and the give-way and stop markings are not affected.”

A trail of white paint in Jackson St, St Kilda.

A resident living near the intersection, who declined to be named, said she saw firefighters and council contractors at the intersection in the middle of the night about three weeks ago.

The next morning the intersection, which had white paint splattered over it, had been cordoned off, she said.

She saw an big empty paint tub at the scene.

Contractors had been at the intersection every second day for the past fortnight, attempting to clean up the mess.

During the attempted clean-up, contractors had blocked the drains to stop pollution entering the stormwater system, she said.