Speight’s seeking information for service honours board

Role-hopping . . . Speight's Brewery technician David Johnston displays hops outside the Dunedin brewery in which he has worked in different roles for more than 40 years, making him eligible to appear on an honours board featuring more than 200 past and present brewery staff. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

A call is being made for information on Speight’s Brewery staff tenures spanning more than 20 years.

Speight’s Brewery manager Arron Goodwin said he had picked up a project to create an honours board recognising the staff who have worked for the brewery in Rattray St for more than two decades.

The project was launched about 2000 by the late Don Gordon, a former chemist at the brewery.

After retiring, Mr Gordon worked as a historian at the brewery, until he passed away in October 2013, aged 76.

“This is his work – his passion – and we are just topping it off,” Mr Goodwin said.

The information in the list had been validated against existing brewery records, such as wage slips, and anyone who had reached a milestone had been added.

Once the list was complete, an honours board would be made and installed in the brewery’s Heritage Tours Centre.

First, Mr Goodwin wanted anyone with any “solid evidence” of past staff members’ tenures to contact the brewery.

He asked people to check the list to ensure no-one was missing or a tenure was understated.

Speight’s Brewery technician David Johnston said he had worked at the brewery for more than 40 years and had a range of titles during the time, including “brewhouse top man”.

On his first day of work on December 19, 1977, he began a 14-month stint of strapping beer on pallets.

“I was ready to walk after three days here – I hated it – and then I bumped into a few people I knew, who worked here, and one thing led to another.”

Mr Goodwin said Mr Johnston was the longest-serving member of the six permanent staff in the brew team. The newest member – “the baby of the team” – had worked for Speight’s for more than 32 years.

To update the honours list email Jenni Thomas at Jenni.Thomas@lionco.com.

60 years service Last position  
De Clifford, J Despatch Manager 1894-1954
50 years service    
Gordon, DK Chemist/Historian 1960-2013
Greenslade, RCB Brewer/Director 1926-1978
Rodger, TF Head Carpenter 1911-1964
40 years service    
Adam, H Manager 1896-1940
Anderson, AM Cooper 1902-1946
Brown, CWJ Chief Clerk 1923-1971
Cocks, DW Head Brewer 1933-1979
Croot, LJ Bottlinghouse Manager 1926-1969
Cummings, HJ Maltster 1900-1946
Davis, HP Maltster Foreman 1903-1949
Dawson, R Maltster 1904-1948
Dawson, W Maltster, Founder 1876-1923
Edwards, BW Carpenter 1904-1948
Fleming, J Clerk 1921-1966
Greenslade, CF Brewer, Founder 1876-1917
Greenslade, RWM Brewer, Director 1893-1935
Hawkins, CW Cooper 1935-1975
Irvine, J Cooper 1907-1947
Jenkins, J Cellars 1881-1930
Johnston, DI Brewhouse Technician 1977-
Jones, W Cellars 1903-1946
Jordan, RA Despatch Manager 1948-1990
Laurie, JL Clerk 1921-1963
Lewis, N Coopers Foreman 1945-1988
Long, W Carter 1880-1920
MacKenzie M Cellars 1898-1938
McLean, WK Engineer 1969-2013
Mitchell, WN Carter 1919-1959
Monk, EG Head Brewer 1938-1979
Phillips, IC Maltster 1917-1957
Speight, C Brewer, Director 1881-1928
Speight, HT Manager, Director 1926-1969
Wilton, A Maltster 1927-1967
30 years service    
Barber, TB Engineer/Foreman 1948-1980
Barwick, L Cellars 1904-1941
Beazley, CE Maltster Foreman 1906-1939
Begbie, J Maltster 1950-1982
Brinsdon, J Maltster 1902-1938
Brinsdon, WH Maltster Foreman 1934-1970
Brough, CA Cooper 1910-1947
Brown, CR Brewery Manager 1968-1998
Bryce, EB Casks 1915-1947
Button, FP Tun Room 1938-1976
Campbell, CM Painter 1970-2008
Carter, P Cooper 1921-1955
Cheshire, BT Warehouse Foreman 1975-2005
Clearwater, CL Brewery Foreman 1924-1958
Cook, AE Carter 1939-1976
Critchfield, TE Maltster 1901-1939
Crowley, GM Casks 1918-1950
Cuthbertson, CH Cellars 1935-1973
Dickson, G Cellars 1909-1947
Dippie, A Blacksmith 1919-1950
Douglas, AB Cellars 1911-1950
Downes, ET Brewhouse 1936-1967
Dunbar, JM Header Up 1925-1960
Eccles, A Clerk/Historian 1913-1948
Faris, R Despatch Foreman 1939-1970
Ferry, UF Secretary 1940-1973
Freeman, A Casks 1905-1939
Garrick, SJ Brewhouse Technician 1984-
Glengarry, WG Cellars, Ass.Foreman 1924-1955
Grant, CC Tun Room 1898-1934
Grant, JD Assistant Topman 1923-1956
Grant, R Ass.Brewer 1911-1947
Greenslade, E Carter 1898-1918
Griffin, DFC Casks Foreman 1940-1975
Hamburger, GR Engineering Leader 1980-
Hannah, JM Brewhouse Technician 1985-
Hanson, JH Cellars 1898-1931
Holleyman, FE Tun Room 1919-1957
Homer, L Maltster 1938-1974
Hunt, WJR Fireman Foreman 1925-1947, 1957-1970
Johnstone, KJ Packaging Technician 1975-1989, 2001-
Lamond, B Sales Representative 1981-2016
Laurie, AT Accountant 1934-1956
Lawrence, EW Bottlinghouse 1955-1976
Little, RFJ Bottlinghouse 1928-1966
Little, RGK Carter 1933-1969
Malcomson, RJ Carter 1919-1957
Marr, WJ Casks Foreman 1922-1954
Marshall, A Cellars 1901-1931
Mason, SJ Squares 1939-1972
McAdam, DW Engineer 1985-
McAdam, W Brewhouse Technician 1982-
McCrae, J Cellars 1900-1930
McDonald, A Cooper 1911-1942
McGhie, N Typist 1913-1945
Michie, J Accountant 1882-1917
Murphy, JF Bottlinghouse 1941-1972
Olsen, R Casks Foreman 1919-1956
Owles, AN Traveller 1901-1931
Parish, EC Brewer 1936-1975
Paterson, D Maltster 1898-1936
Pay, RA Bottlinghouse 1941-1972
Pearce, HH Maltster 1924-1959
Pettitt, HW Cooper 1906-1940
Reddington, H Night Watchman 1901-1932
Savin, NP Brewhouse Technician 1987-
Severins, RP Brewhouse Technician 1984-
Shaw, J Header Up 1918-1954
Shepherd, J Coopers Foreman 1898-1933
Shepherd, R Coppersider 1889-1923
Simpson, EP Cooper 1906-1939
Smallman, W Plant Superintendent 1934-1971
Smith, D Fireman 1901-1935
Smith, R Cellars 1928-1960
Sprague, ER Brewing Foreman 1899-1935
Stewart, W Carter 1908-1939
Stokes, HE Brewhouse Foreman 1934-1970
Taylor, MD Packaging Technician 1984-2016
Vivian, E Carter 1899-1931
Walker, A Fireman 1977-2011
Watson, D Packaging Technician 1970-2001
Weir, S Maltster 1913-1946
Williams, R Boilerhouse 1916-1947
Wilson, P Traveller 1879-1915
20 years service    
Adam, WD QA Manager 1974-1995
Adams, SA Bottlinghouse 1950-1973
Anderson, GG Cellars 1919-1946
Anderson, M Maltster 1950-1975
Andrews, G Carpenter 1898-1921
Angus, GM Despatch 1967-1990
Armstrong, A Cellars 1896-1918
Bain, C Carter 1956-1983
Ballingall, SP Bottlinghouse 1954-1977
Bamford, GW Carter 1923-1948
Beecroft, CR Laboratory 1960-1981
Bird, C Cooper 1916-1939
Bissett, WJ Engineer 1938-1958
Browne, A Traveller 1911-1932
Callaghan, JF Fireman 1946-1971
Callahan, R Maltster 1931-1952
Campbell, J Cooper 1876-1903
Carter, CSR Brewery Foreman 1947-1970
Chalmers, JA Bottlinghouse 1962-1988
Clugston, R Cellars 1906-1931
Collins, T Maltster 1901-1930
Cowie, KW Bottlinghouse Foreman 1943-1972
Cunningham, W Maltster 1923-1951
Daly, JP Brewhouse 1967-1987
Davenport, FN Traveller 1950-1976
Davies, HJ Maltster Foreman 1939-1960
Dick, DA Brewer 1948-1973
Dunn, M Telefonist 1954-1980
Dunne, WF Clerk 1918-1942
Elliot, WH Engineer 1964-1988
Flawn, W Clerk 1944-1966
Gare, DH Casks 1925-1946
Gordon, R Painter 1962-1985
Graham, H Maltster 1936-1965
Grant, C Coppersider 1901-1928
Hall, JG Carter 1974-1998
Halpin, JJ Cellars 1919-1945
Harper, WD Cellars 1918-1939
Harrison, R Cellars 1898-1924
Henderson, D Cellars 1918-1945
Horne, FA Cooper 1919-1948
Howie, JFH Bottlinghouse 1956-1979
Ingram, HW Engineer 1907-1932
Jack, J Cooper 1898-1924
Jones, DW Despatch Supervisor 1959-1980
Langford, JC Commercial Manager 1955-1981
Leng, L Header Up 1923-1949
Lucas, JA Casks 1919-1939
MacDonald, AR Header Up 1947-1971
MacKay, P Field Engineer 1991-
MacKechnie, IA Marketing Manager 1966-1989
Manson, A Maltster 1916-1939
Mawhinney, TW Cellars Foreman 1927-1953
Maxwell, R Engineer 1922-1949
McAlevey, T Cellars 1913-1937
McCartney, JJ Carter 1935-1959
McDonald, AJ Carter 1928-1955
McDonald, SA Cooper 1934-1955
McKenzie, A Casks 1898-1918
McKenzie, M Cellars 1914-1935
McLean, WT Brewhouse Foreman 1963-1984
McQueen, JH Carter Foreman 1957-1986
McSkimming, R Header Up Foreman 1953-1979
Meenan, F Maltster 1905-1926
Milner, BA Office Manager 1971-1994
Mitchell, JR Maltster 1905-1929
Mong, EE Carter 1942-1966
Monk, EG Head Brewer 1938-1963
Moore, JH Racking 1939-1963
Myers, GF Carter 1910-1931
Oliver, FS Head Cooper 1932-1952
Paterson, DR Cooper 1912-1933
Paterson, FG Field Engineer 1962-1991
Paterson, SE Maltster 1926-1955
Phillips, JC Maltster 1917-1939
Pope, OJ Bottlinghouse 1954-1984
Preston, JLC Brewhouse Foreman 1959-1988
Reid, AJ Carpenter 1906-1927
Ritchie, RJ Engineer 1951-1981
Ross, D Carters 1898-1918
Salter, R Cooper 1914-1939
Self, JJ Headers Up 1918-1939
Self, WF Casks Ass.Foreman 1938-1961
Sellars, R Coppersider 1913-1934
Shore, J Maltster 1917-1939
Smith, G Coppersider 1904-1929
Smith, RE Cellars 1918-1939
Sprague, F Engineer 1893-1919
Stanaway, A Maltster 1926-1947
Stewart, WG Cellars 1900-1920
Sutherland, GH Engineer 1964-1985
Tautari, E Brewhouse 1975-2001
Thompson, E Bottlinghouse 1952-1974
Todd, W Engineer 1998-
Tupou, S Bottlinghouse 1978-1999
Vickers, JH Headers Up 1924-1946
Waghorn, LW Engineering Foreman 1961-1989
Waghorn, RW Casks Foreman 1938-1965
Walker, A Cellars 1924-1945
Walshe, DM Engineering 1994-
Weatherston, J Cooper 1918-1939
West, FT Carpenter 1944-1970
Wilson, V Bottlinghouse 1960-1983
Woodger, H Carter 1915-1936
Young, RG Cellars 1936-1963
Young, S Cooper 1905-1930