SPCA rebuild starts – Demolition first up


The wreckers are arriving at SPCA Otago next week as the rebuild project begins.
SPCA Otago chief executive Sophie McSkimming said the rebuild of its Opoho facilities would begin next week with the demolition of its education centre.
The organisation would operate normally during the rebuild, including for animal adoptions and visits. “It’s business as usual.”
The education centre will be replaced by a new animal centre and education building, which will include two veterinary consultation rooms for incoming animals, an adoption reception area, a laundry, a dry goods store for pet food and an education room for the many groups that visit the centre.

The Star has been supporting the “Help Rescue SPCA Otago” campaign, which aims to raise $1.5million to rebuild its facilities, which will include a new animal centre and education building as well as new facilities for cats and dogs. Ms McSkimming said the campaign had raised $1,267,042 and a “final push” for donations was needed to raise the last $230,000.
The rebuild would start next week with the demolition of the education building, but SPCA Otago was first set to get a hand from several Highlanders today, she said.
About eight Highlanders would be on site to help staff and volunteers clear out old items from the education building in preparation for the demolition crew to arrive next week, she said.
The Highlanders had approached SPCA Otago about helping out with the rebuild as they had seen the news stories and were doing a variety of community projects in the city, Ms McSkimming said. According to current timeframes, the education centre was expected to be rebuilt in about two and a-half months, followed by the dog facilities and then the cat building, she said. The quick build process was because of the simplicity of the buildings, which would be made of concrete blocks.“That’s the only thing that dogs can’t destroy.”
SPCA Otago hoped the entire project – provided consent processes and funding were successful – would be completed by late 2017, she said.