Scout group gets grant for roof repairs


Fairfield Scout Group has received $1000 from the Saddle Hill Community Board to repair its hall’s leaking roof.

Scout group leader Denise Davison said the roof had been in poor condition for about five years and the leak was causing the wood underneath the roof to rot.

The hall, which is in Flower St, was getting “worse and worse” and could not be left any longer, she said.

“It definitely makes the hall a lot colder.”

As there was no insulation, it took two heat pumps to heat the hall and a dehumidifier was used to try to dispel any dampness.

The building was about 60 years old, and other than having had a kitchen and storage space added about 40 years ago, it was still in its original form.

“It’s quite an old building and nothing has been done maintenance-wise on the roof.”

In the past year, the group has fixed the gutter to prevent clogging, which was a “stop gap” so it could raise money for the necessary roof repairs.

Repairs were expected to cost about $17,000 which, once completed, would allow the roof to be insulated.

The group had raised about $2400 from quiz nights, was “constantly” selling raffles and holding other fundraisers and had applied for grants, Mrs Davison said.

The hall was used three times a week by scout groups and once at the weekend by a dance group.

Mrs Davison said other groups used to hire the hall but they had decided to move to other locations.

There are 25 families involved in the Fairfield Scout Group, many of which had two or three children in groups, she said.

“If anyone is interested in joining scouts we have spaces available,” she said.