Kaikorai Valley College’s new music suite has been given the green light.

The suite, which is expected to cost $750,000, will have practice rooms, a performance area, storage space, a teacher’s office and a classroom.

KVC principal Rick Geerlofs said the project had been in the pipeline for about two and a-half years and he was pleased it was finally starting.

He expected pupils would enjoy having modern facilities to pursue their passion for music.

“It’s a great reward for some great work that’s going on.”

The suite would fill an existing space in one end of B block which previously housed two social science classrooms that had been moved to another area of the school.

The block also houses the art department and year 13 common room.

Mr Geerlofs said the school had a “really keen” group of young musicians, which was reflected in the popularity of the school’s talent quest. Held last month, it attracted 28 entries – the biggest talent quest the school had had in years.

“It’s really neat to see music being rejuvenated in the school.”

One of the few concerns that was raised about having the suite in B block, which is in the centre of other teaching areas, was the noise, he said.

To keep the area as quiet as possible, the suite would be double-glazed and sound-proofed to ensure any noise was kept to a minimum.

The new suite was part of a “rationalisation project” in the school and had been partly funded by the Ministry of Education.

The ministry contributed a fixed fund, which the school “topped up” through the sale of some land, Mr Geerlofs said.

“We are .. very appreciative of the support we have got from the ministry on this project.”

He hoped construction of the music suite would start this month, once renovation of the girls’ changing rooms in the gymnasium had been completed.

“For kids to get some nice modern facilities to learn in is a cool thing.

“We are thrilled.”