Roading upgrade pleases

West Harbour Community Board chairman Steve Walker

An announcement of a $2million safety upgrade of State Highway 88 has pleased West Harbour Community Board chairman Steve Walker.

In the upgrade, announced last Thursday, roadside barriers and high-performance road markings will be among measures to make the 8km stretch of highway between Port Chalmers and Maia safer, the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) said.

Mr Walker said after nine serious crashes on the road in the past decade, providing upgrades to make SH88 safer “for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians” was positive.

The highway would be updated in two stages, starting with Maia to St Leonards, followed by St Leonards to Port Chalmers, the ODT reported.

The first stage would begin this year.

Mr Walker said the NZTA would install barriers all the way along the 8km stretch of road, but the NZTA had listened to the community board’s concerns regarding cyclists travelling the road.

“[They] will not complete any sections until there is an off-road alternative.”

He was pleased the NZTA had a “continued desire” to see the cycle-walkway project to Port completed “sooner rather than later”.

Crashes occurred on the road because of “winter dampness, sun strike and driver inattention”, Mr Walker said.