Road probe reopened after fears

Crash potential . . . Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board chairwoman Sarah Nitis watches traffic negotiate Inglis St in Mosgiel. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

An accident is waiting to happen because of the design of a Mosgiel street, Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board chairwoman Sarah Nitis says.

At the latest board meeting, Mrs Nitis asked the Dunedin City Council to reopen an investigation into the layout of Inglis St, between Gordon Rd and King St, to assess its impact on traffic flow.

When vehicles parked on the northern side of the street, motorists driving towards the traffic lights had to drive over the centre line and might hit traffic travelling in the opposite direction, she said.

“There is potential for an accident,” Mrs Nitis told the Taieri Times after the meeting.

An initial council inquiry into the layout was launched after Mosgiel resident Ian Miller spoke at a board meeting in September last year.

Mr Miller was concerned about how narrow the street became when vehicles were parked on either side of it and the impact it had on two-way traffic.

Council transportation safety team leader Hjarne Poulsen, speaking at the meeting last year, said the council would investigate.

Mr Poulsen, speaking to the Taieri Times, said as a result of the investigation last year, yellow no-stopping lines had been painted on a southern section of Inglis St, near Gordon Rd, to improve traffic flow and the investigation was closed.

However, after Mrs Nitis’ request, the investigation had been reopened, he said.

Mr Poulsen said he and another council staff member visited Inglis St on June 29 and the results from the investigation would be presented at the next board meeting in Mosgiel on Wednesday.