Riding a ‘marine heatwave’ . . .

PHOTO: photoMarkstevenson.com

Jack Higgins (8), of St Clair, rides a wave on the way to winning the under-10 division at the South Coast Boardriders Association junior competition at St Clair Beach on Saturday, November 25.

Niwa climate scientist Nava Fedaeff said the above-average temperatures in Dunedin were set to continue into the weekend.

Cooler weather was set to hit Dunedin on Tuesday, December 5 but it would be “short-lived” as warmer-than-normal temperatures were set to return soon after, she said.

Coastal waters around Dunedin were warmer than average for the time of year.

A reason for the warmer sea surface temperatures was that an area of the Tasman Sea was experiencing a “marine heatwave” and the sea surface was nearly the warmest temperature it had been for this time of year since records began in 1992.


Recent temperatures
Saturday, November 25: 19.8degC
Sunday, November 26: 18.6degC
Monday, November 27: 20.7degC
Tuesday, November 28: 19degC
November average: 16.7degC