Pupils prepare for NCEA exams

Read up . . . Logan Park High School pupils Cuba Rust and Finn Lillis in the school library, ahead of NCEA exams which start next week. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

Getting internal credits throughout the year is the key to a stressless exam period, pupils say.

Logan Park High School pupils Cuba Rust (17) and Finn Lillis (16) are just two of the 6299 Otago pupils who will sit National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) exams this month.

Cuba will sit four exams for core subjects – English, drama, classics and history – and three scholarship exams – English, history and drama.

She has already passed level three so felt there was less pressure on her core exam results.

Scholarship exams were a lot harder and required extra classes.

“It’s quite a big jump, but it’s fun.”

Having achieved level one and two, she felt there was a lot more work required in the latter.

“I definitely think at level two, and to an extent level one, there’s more of an emphasis on getting more credits because scholarship exams are coming out of those years.

“But when you get to year 13 it’s more about what papers and exams do I want to do, what ones do I think I’ll enjoy . . .”

Doing well throughout the year and earning internal credits was a “bonus”.

“I like getting internal credits because they’re less variable than external credits. You can get help and feedback.

“You could go into an exam and suddenly the marking scheme is changed and there’s something you did not know about.”

Cuba’s first exam will be scholarship drama on Wednesday and Finn’s will be physics on November 9.

Finn only needs to pass one paper to secure level two, so was not feeling too stressed when The Star spoke to him on Monday.

In addition to physics, he will also sit English, statistics, biology and history exams.

There are 362 Otago pupils entered for New Zealand Scholarship. About 140,000 New Zealand pupils will sit external exams this year.

Exams run from Wednesday through to Friday, November 30.