Pressure off as exams wrap up

Here to help . . . Otago University Students' Association 2020 president Jack Manning (left) and Student Support manager Sage Burke, with support dog Ella, outside the Student Support Centre on Tuesday. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

Tertiary students have put away their study notes after the final University of Otago exams finished last week.

About 14,000 university students sat about 500 exams from October 19 to last Saturday, which added up to over 40,000 sittings.

Students were watched by about 100 exam supervisors, and used 70 rooms on campus, 23 national venues and 10 international venues.

Otago University Students’ Association Student Support manager Sage Burke said the exam period was a unique time with unique challenges.

“In the lead-up to exams most of the support services, including us, do get a lot busier,” Mr Burke said.

Students sought support for a range of reasons. For many students it was their first time sitting university exams, so they had to learn how to study and prepare for exams.

For other students, exams signified the end of their studies.

“They will have excitement, anticipation about what comes next but also nervousness about what’s going to happen after exams.

“Our goal is for everyone to come out OK at the other side.”

OUSA 2020 president Jack Manning said his four exams went “pretty well”.

Since he was a fourth-year student, he had learnt a few study skills over the years.

“It certainly was more stressful in my first year, when I was having to learn how to study independently and study for these exams.”

As president next year, he wanted to emphasise to students how normal it was to feel stressed during exam periods.

“It really is OK to reach out to places like Student Support because they are accessible to all students.”

Mr Burke said students were nervously waiting for exam results and moving out of their flats.

It was important to clean their flats, take photos of the condition they left it in and never sign a blank bond form.

The support centre was happy to help with any issues, he said.