Power pole peril for pedestrians

Pedestrian peril . . . Pam Harris, of Sunnyvale, believes the position of a power pole on a footpath in Main South Rd poses a danger to pedestrians. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

A power pole protruding from a Sunnyvale footpath is dangerous, a concerned resident says.

Pam Harris, of Sunnyvale, said when a footpath on Main South Rd, near the Sunnyvale Sports Centre, was built a few years ago, its alignment resulted in a power pole to being in the way of pedestrians.

The position of the pole on the footpath “made little sense”, Mrs Harris said.

“It must be considered very dangerous, as it’s also on a corner, and a no-hoper for anyone with impaired sight.”

Dunedin City Council transport group manager Richard Saunders said the pole had been in place for a number of years and the council had received no reports of issues.

“The bottom half of the pole is painted white to assist with visibility and there is adequate space between the pole and the edge of the kerb.”

Mr Saunders encouraged residents to contact the council directly about issues of safety on roads and footpaths in Dunedin.

In a Taieri Times article earlier this month about concerns of a street light protruding from a new footpath in Fairfield, Blind Foundation access and awareness adviser Chris Orr said any object obstructing a path was an issue for people who were blind or had low vision.

In the article, Mr Saunders said all council street lights were being assessed as part of the LED street light renewal contract and poles would be replaced if needed.