Playground takes flight


Green Island Kindergarten and St Peter Chanel School pupils (from left) Hamuera Vahua (4), Anamalia Tili (7), Jacob Todd (6), Tomasi Tili (4), Ashton Fraser-Davie (4), Grace Tili (3), Tepaeru Vahua (3) and Cameron Murray (8) release doves to celebrate the opening of a new playground in Green Island Memorial Gardens on Friday. Greater Green Island Community Network chairman Steve Hayward, speaking to Times this week, said more than 400 people attended the opening of the Greater Green Island recreation area. “We were thrilled with the huge response.” Pupils from St Peter Chanel School and Green Island Kindergarten performed songs before the playground was opened. The network raised $230,000 for the project and it was an “absolutely fantastic” feeling to have the playground open. “We had a vision, set a target and went out and achieved it.” REPORT/PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE