Playground out of bounds

All work . . . Dunedin City Council contractors Numat progress a playground upgrade at Marlow Park in St Kilda on Tuesday. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Families are divided over the timing of a more than $100,000 project to upgrade play equipment in a Dunedin park.

Dunedin City Council parks and cemetery manager Scott MacLean said a playground upgrade in Marlow Park, in St Kilda, was expected to be completed by tomorrow.

Rubber matting – designed to prevent injury from falls – was being renewed under and around play equipment.

The work was expected to cost $102,000 and had been scheduled to be completed before the start of the school holidays, but was delayed due to weather conditions.

When The Star visited on Tuesday about half of the play equipment was fenced off and could not be played on.

Ingrid O’Connell, of Mornington, was at the park with her two great-nieces on Tuesday.

She was “disappointed” the work had robbed children of opportunities to play on their favourite equipment during their break.

Blake Hunt (5) plays on the Saddle Hill tunnels play equipment at Marlow Park in St Kilda on Tuesday, despite contractors upgrading neighbouring play equipment.

The work should have begun at the start of a school term to avoid play equipment being fenced off at a peak time, she said. The play equipment being unavailable at such a time was “not logical”.

Mike West, of Port Chalmers, said the timing for the work could have been better but it did not stop his family enjoying the park on Tuesday.

“It’s just one of those things, isn’t it,” he said.

Blake Hunt (5), of Port Chalmers, said the play equipment being out of action did not bother him or stop him having a fun experience, including crawling through the Saddle Hill tunnels play equipment.

“I don’t mind.”