Petitions for and against Limes

Freedom to explore . . . Freedom campers Matt Eberhard and Jessica Scott, both of Sydney, ride Lime e-scooters in the Thomas Burns St car park in Dunedin on Monday. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

About 300 Lime scooters hit Dunedin streets when the California-based company launched in the city last week.

Matt Eberhard (26) and Jessica Scott (25), both of Sydney, hired the scooters for sightseeing in central Dunedin just before midnight on Sunday.

About 30 minutes of sightseeing cost nearly $10 each, Miss Scott said.

The sightseeing route included the murals trail and several churches.

People had reacted positively to seeing them on the scooters, Miss Scott said.

Mr Eberhard said Lime e-scooters were not available in Sydney but they should be, because they were fun.

“Australia is a few years behind everyone else.”

The positive sentiment was not shared by everyone in Dunedin.

A petition to ban Lime scooters from Dunedin was started not long after the launch.

Reasons stated for the petition included that the scooters were dangerous and ugly, and they blocked the footpath.

As of yesterday, more than 100 people had signed the petition.

That being said, another petition to keep Lime e-scooters in Dunedin had already been signed by about 350 people yesterday.