Pensioner disgusted with overgrown berms

Weed junction . . . Nancy Durst, of St Kilda, inspects overgrown berms on the corner of Bird and Bellona Sts in St Kilda on Tuesday. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

A Dunedin pensioner has slammed the Dunedin City Council for a “tatty and horrible” cluster of berm gardens.

Nancy Durst (82), of St Kilda, said she had complained to the council about the “disgusting” appearance of a cluster of berms on the intersection on the corner of Bird and Bellona Sts in her suburb.

On the intersection, six berms had became overgrown with weeds.

Some of the weeds in the berms stood more than 1m high.

“It looks tatty and horrible. I can’t believe they can ignore it.”

She called the council about three weeks ago about the state of the intersection in a bid to spur the council into action.

It had not been the first time she had contacted the council about the berms.

The gardens were overgrown with weeds about the same time last year and she called the council three times within a month before they were maintained.

Council parks and cemetery manager Gareth Jones said the maintenance of the berms was the responsibility of the council.

A lack of maintenance was due to “an oversight in asset handover and, as a result, we have varied the contract to include these berms”.

“We will continue to closely manage this contract.”