Pedestrians “at risk” on Macandrew Bay crossing

A crossing from Macandrew Bay beach to the shops. PHOTOS: SHAWN MCAVINUE

A call has been made for traffic-calming measures in Macandrew Bay.

Warren Chambers, of Company Bay, speaking at an Otago Peninsula Community Board meeting last week, said he had seen pedestrians “nearly being clipped by cars” when using a crossing in Portobello Rd at Macandrew Bay, near Greenacres St.

Warren Chambers

The area was busy as people walked between the reserve surrounding Macandrew Bay beach to the shops and community facilities on the other side of Portobello Rd.

“People crossing from the reserve side are at risk and I think we could do more, such as traffic calming, or other ideas to make the junction safer for pedestrians.”

He had contacted the Dunedin City Council about hedges near Macandrew Bay beach in need of a trim to improve visibility for pedestrians and motorists.

Board member Lox Kellas said the installation of a zebra crossing was a possible measure but for a proposal to progress, the NZ Transport Agency would need to be contacted via the council.

Board chairman Paul Pope said the council should be contacted because the issue was ongoing.

“It’s always been a bad area .. we need to start that process now.”

A similar issue was present at Marion St.

Traffic volume and speeds had increased in both areas due to recent improvements to Portobello Rd.

“They are dangerous areas.”

He wanted the speed limit to be lowered in both areas.

The areas were busy, especially when it was hot and the beach was “packed”.

“I think this is a really important issue and something needs to be done.”

Another possible option could be installing a roundabout at the intersection of Portobello Rd and Greenacres St, Mr Pope said.