Parkside residents want bridge brought back


North East Valley residents are hoping to bridge the gap between their home and Chingford Park.

A bridge used to connect Lindsay Taylor’s Tannadice St property to the north side of the park, but it was removed by the Dunedin City Council.

Mr Taylor said he arrived home one day in September last year and “wondered what all the noise was”.

Mr Taylor contacted the council to ask why the bridge was taken away and was told by staff the council did not want to be responsible if someone was hurt using it.

“It was starting to go but we were still using it,” Mr Taylor said.

“It was fine.”

Mr Taylor said he would have been happy to try to fix it, and had done so in the past by replacing some boards.

He believed the bridge had been there for at least 40 years.

“It would have lasted ages yet.”

He questioned whether the council had authority to remove the bridge, as he believed his property’s boundary line was halfway across the creek.

“Half of the bridge has got to be ours.”

His children used the bridge to get to school each day.

It was a safer alternative than having to cross through the creek if they wanted to get to the park, he said.

During heavy rain the water could rise and “roar” down, he said.

The bridge was also used by disc golfer players collecting their discs, as there was a basket near the Taylor’s property, he said.

He believed it was more dangerous not having a bridge.

A Dunedin Disc Golf spokesman said the bridge did not affect the playability of the course and players had not commented that they had been impacted by its removal.

However, the club supported greater access to the park for the community to exercise, enjoy nature and play disc golf, he said.

The Dunedin City Council did not respond to questions before deadline.