Open despite bus hub work

Busy street . . . Manager Rob Tigeir says Dunedin Community House is still open for business despite the building activity inside and out. PHOTO: JOHN LEWIS

Dunedin Community House is a hive of building activity at the moment, inside and outside.

Manager Rob Tigeir said there was confusion among some Dunedin residents about whether the community house was still operating, because of all the work on the nearby $4.4million bus hub, scheduled to be operational in November.

However, he assured people it was still open for business.

“There’s lots of cones up, there’s lots of changes going on around us, but we’re still running in the middle of it.”

In fact, it was nearly as busy inside the building as it was outside, he said.

Double-glazed windows had been installed on one side of Dunedin Community House to help reduce the amount of noise expected as part of the bus hub, once it was operational.

“It’s astonishingly quiet. There were diggers outside picking up concrete and you couldn’t hear them.

“Now we’re hearing the plumbing inside the building because it’s not being drowned out.”

Other work being done at the building included installing air conditioning, measuring up for roof repairs, painting and making a new car park entrance.

“We’ve also got a new evac chair to help people get out if an evacuation is needed, and new tables coming soon, too, to make the rooms more flexible.”

Mr Tigeir was delighted the bus hub was nearby because it would create far greater accessibility for users of organisations within the building.

“It allows us to co-exist with the bus hub. What a gift. Just being that available for people ..”

He said the next job was to look at long-term maintenance.

“It’s 17 years since we moved in and it was refurbished inside, so we’re looking at how we maintain the value of the building and keep it fit for purpose into the future.”

Dunedin Community House accommodates 17 major community groups, and during the past year about 140 organisations had booked rooms, used facilities and hired equipment at the building.