Helicopters, microlights, a Cessna and gyrocopters were among the array of flying machines on show at Sunday’s Otago Aero Club open day.

Club committee member Greg Walsh said the club was “very happy with the day” which attracted about 150 people.

Members of the public took to the air, with helicopters taking six loads of six people each and other people enjoying flights in the club’s Cessna. There were also a few who flew in private aircraft.

About three or four had gone for flights and expressed an interest in taking things further by perhaps taking flying lessons, Mr Walsh said.

Look out below .. Otago Aero Club club captain Alan Wright prepares to land a gyrocopter. PHOTO: JOSHUA RIDDIFORD

Being a pilot had given him the chance to see the country from a special vantage point, he said.

“I’ve flown up to the North Island about half a dozen times over Cook Strait. I’ve seen New Zealand from a perspective that most people don’t.”

He has been flying for more than 20 years and remembered picking up the activity after discarding another mode of transport. He sold his motorbike and used some of the proceeds to pay for his flying lessons.

Mr Walsh said he remembered the air force base at the Taieri airfield when he grew up in the area and had “always been keen on flying”.

He took general aviation training in a Cessna and now flew gyrocopters.

Bird’s eye view .. A view of North Taieri from above. PHOTO: JOSHUA RIDDIFORD