OGHS rejects social media virus claim


Otago Girls’ High School has rejected claims that one of its pupils has Covid-19, after a false message was posted online.

The message, which has now been deleted, was posted to social media on Saturday night stating a pupil at the school had the virus and the school would be closed on Monday.

Minutes later, a message on the school’s social media page rejected the claims.

School principal Linda Miller said a staff member who saw the post informed her of it.

“It’s pretty annoying when we’ve got a serious health situation and people are passing [false] information on.”

Ms Miller said if the school was to close, pupils and their parents would be told directly by the school staff.

“We would email, we would send it out through the school app and we would have it on our website.”

She was disappointed people in the community posted information without checking its veracity and without understanding the consequences for those involved, she said.