New youth club for Waikouaiti

New role . . . Abby Lynch, holding son Mac Kelly (11 months), is the new Waikouaiti Youth Club youth facilitator. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

Waikouaiti’s new youth club is set to start in term 2.

The club is a Progress of Waikouaiti Area (POWA) initiative and Abby Lynch has been appointed as the youth facilitator.

Miss Lynch, a former teacher, said the role gave her a chance to interact with children without having the same workload as a teacher.

For two days a week, the club would be a place for primary school children to go after school.

They would utilise the facilities in the area, including cooking in the kitchen, playing sports in the hall, and growing vegetables in their own planter box in the community garden.

Miss Lynch said they also hoped to get some art supplies and electronic devices.

It will be “somewhere for kids to hang out together”.

They had yet to decide which two days the club would operate, but would try to avoid clashes with after-school sports.

That way, children join the club at least once a week.

POWA community worker Sonya Billyard said surveys were send to schools in the area, asking what children like and what activities they wanted to do at the club.

“The response to that was fantastic.”

Some parents had also put their hands up to volunteer.

POWA received $39,600 from the Dunedin City Council’s annual $300,000 place-based grants fund for three projects.

An open day was planned for April 18.