New recruits swell the ranks

New recruits . . . Taking a break from work outside the Dunedin central police station on Tuesday are (from left) Constables Janna Curson, Erin Doherty and Georgia Williams. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Meet Dunedin’s newest recruits.

Three women – Janna Curson, Erin Doherty and Georgia Williams – recently graduated from the Royal New Zealand Police College in Porirua and were deployed to Dunedin.

Constables Curson and Doherty started work at the Dunedin central police station on Monday.

Const Williams began about a month ago.

“It’s been quite cool.”

The three women agreed they were extremely nervous before starting college.

Const Williams said it was normal for a recruit to be nervous.

“You’ve got no idea what to expect but it’s an awesome experience.”

She had made “life-long friends” from her time in college.

Const Doherty said the college experience was “full-on”.

“You are living and breathing it.”

When asked about career aspirations, the three women agreed it was too soon to ask.

Const Curson said: “It’s good to sort out your strengths and weaknesses and you’ll only do that by doing the job.”

She was drawn to the job for its variety of work and its range of career opportunities.

Const Doherty agreed.

The job was a good fit for her because she enjoyed working with people, she said.

Const Ben Crosbie graduated with Constables Curson and Doherty and was deployed to Dunedin central but was on leave when The Star visited on Tuesday.