New cop keen to ‘get on the front line’

New recruit . . . Constable Jackson Larrivee began work at Dunedin Central Police Station on Monday. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Meet Dunedin’s newest front-line cop.

Constable Jackson Larrivee (23), of Dunedin, said he was one of the 78 new constables to graduate from the Royal New Zealand Police College in Porirua on June 6.

The recruits in his wing were aged between 19 and 53.

Five recruits were deployed to the Southern District – three to Invercargill, one to Queenstown and Const Larrivee to Dunedin.

The college experience was positive, instilling values including “professionalism, respect and integrity”.

The tests were physical and academic, or a mix of both.

“We did cognitive conditioning, where they run you ragged and then quiz you.”

An example was being instructed to sprint up and down the stairs in a seven-storey building and then be put in a set-up situation, being asked to question a suspected burglar, played by an actor.

“The actor is hacking into you saying “are you tired mate” as you’re trying to catch your breath breathing saying no.”

At college, the recruits were told everyone made mistakes and “to accept and own up to them”.

“It’s the only way you are going to learn.”

He stayed fit by playing ice hockey for the Kvick Building Contractor Bucks in Dunedin.

Before attending college, he studied maths at the University of Otago.

“After four years of study it was time for a change and I can’t think of a better change to have made.”

He started work at Dunedin Central Police Station on Monday.

“I was put straight out on the job. We did some welfare checks and I attended an assault in the middle of town and took some statements.”

He had no plan on where he would progress within police.

“I’m just keen to get out on the front line. It’s pretty exciting for me.”