More women sought for police

Ready for recruits . . . Dunedin policewomen, (from left) Constable Shelley Phair, Senior Sergeant Becky Hill, Inspector Amelia Steel, Constable Charlotte Barnes, and Constable Kylie Batten look forward to welcoming more women to the local force. PHOTO: EMMA PERRY

Dunedin police are encouraging women to overcome any self-doubt or fears they may be facing and give police training a go.

Police have set a new aspirational recruiting target, hoping that by 2021, 50% of all recruits studying will be female. Police have released a a video aimed at increasing staff numbers nationally.

In Dunedin and Mosgiel, only 16.7% of constabulary staff are women.

Last week a fitness and recruitment evening was held to inform interested people about what they can expect from the police force and its different areas.

Dunedin police are looking to recruit women from 18 to 24 years old but say all women are welcome to apply.

The next recruitment evening is in late January.

Inspector Amelia Steel said New Zealand Police were there to help them through the process.

“Often women want to go in when they are 90% sure of something,” Insp Steel said.

“We are encouraging them to just go for it even with a level of uncertainty.

“Overcome your self-doubt. I think that’s a huge impediment.”

Senior Sergeant Becky Hill wants women who have an interest in others to think about applying.

“You’ll be caring for people in your community and helping the vulnerable in the community,” she said.

“You don’t know what you’re going to do every day and that’s exciting. You’re guaranteed a position at the end of your training and paid to train.”

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