Miniseries finance hunt

Location recce . . . The view from cell No 37 at the former Dunedin prison building taken by Australian film-maker Paul Dobson, who was visiting locations for his miniseries on the Bain family murders. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

An Australian film-maker is on an international search for money to get his miniseries on the Bain family murders made.

Abacus Multimedia co-owner and producer Paul Dobson, of Sydney, said the feedback on the script for the six-part miniseries on the Bain family murders had been positive.

Robin and Margaret Bain and three of their four children – Arawa, Laniet and Stephen – were shot dead in their family home in Dunedin in 1994.

“I now have more than 20,000 pages of documents and virtually every sentence spoken in the script can be supported by a reference from either an interview I conducted, or from some other information in the public domain.”

In a bid to promote the project, he made the script an “international story”.

“I have deliberately emphasised certain events in Australia and United Kingdom to further internationalise the story.”

The focus of the project had now turned to securing foreign finance, he said.

If the true crime drama went into production, scenes would be filmed in Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, Melbourne, Brisbane, London, Edinburgh and Bangkok.

The filming of scenes set in the Bain family house in Every St would most likely be shot at Avalon Studios in Lower Hutt, he said.

All exterior scenes would be filmed at the locations where they happened, wherever possible.

If finance was secured, pre-production would need to start in January for filming to begin in June.

He was undecided on the name of the series and had given it two working titles – Murder on Every Street and 65 Every Street