Making a difference

Grow on . . . Friends Damian Hill (left) and Zeddric Osten show off the mustaches they have grown to raise money and awareness during Movember. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

Two keen surfers are keeping the razors off their top lips this month to raise awareness about men’s mental health – and they want to encourage men to open up.

Friends Zeddric Osten and Damian Hill have joined forces to take part in Movember – an initiative in which men grow moustaches and raise money for men’s health.

They formed a team called the Mostuds and hope to raise about $200.

Neither sports a moustache regularly and they remained relatively clean-shaven all year until November 1.

Mr Osten took part in Movember about four years ago, and Mr Hill has been involved for the past five or so years.

Their choice of facial hair has become a bit of a conversation-starter over the past few weeks.

“It’s a good talking point,” Mr Hill said. “People will come up and ask about it.”

He said once people knew they were doing Movember, men would talk about their health and share their experiences.

“It’s quite a simple way of opening up and making people aware.”

Mental health was “one of those things you don’t talk about as a guy”, so the pair were pleased to help in any way they could.

experience with mental health issues, wanted to let others know they were not alone and to help where he could.

“I think men are becoming more aware and more open.”

While the pair wanted to raise as much money as possible, they knew even the smallest amount could make a difference.

“You would be amazed what $5 could do,” Mr Osten said.

Mr Hill said Movember was “a lot of fun but it’s all for a good reason”.

To donate to Mostuds, go to