Lodge monarchs go ‘from none to over 100’


Tucked away in a corner of Burns Lodge is a swan plant full of chrysalises with butterflies about to emerge.

Senior housekeeper Sam Millar estimated there were about 100 chrysalises and still more caterpillars on the plant.

“I have never heard of that many on one plant at a time,” she said.

“They are still growing.”

Miss Millar moved about 60 from a bush to the nearby door frame, by cutting the leaves they were attached to and taping them to the frame which had “definitely” helped their growth.

The success was in stark contrast to last year, when none of the insects survived.

“We have gone from none to over 100.”

Pupils from St Mary’s School had visited to look at the caterpillars and chrysalises, and Miss Millar gave them a caterpillar for their classroom. Looking after them had become her “project” for the past few months.

Hanging out . . . Two butterflies and about 60 chrysalises have been transferred to a frame at Burns Lodge.