Larnach’s map of Otago auctioned

Historic prize . . . Haywards Auction House owners John and Bridgette More display the historic map of Otago which attracted great interest during Sunday's auction. PHOTO: GILLIAN VINE

A historic map of Otago has come home to Larnach Castle, after attracting brisk bidding when it was auctioned at Haywards Auction House on Sunday.

The map, which unfolded from a black cover stamped with the name W. J. M Larnach was sold for $425 to Margaret Barker, of Larnach Castle.

Mrs Barker was unaware of the map’s existence before learning it was coming up for auction, and was pleased to have secured it for the castle.

“I feel that things such as this [the map], which was once the property of Larnach, belong with us at Larnach Castle,” she said.

“The bidding was lively. It is an interesting piece of Otago history, but I felt it was important to buy it.”

The 1871 map of the Province of Otago included Southland and Stewart Island and showed railway lines built at that time.

“It is in amazingly good condition printed on paper, which are backed with linen,” Mrs Barker said.

The team at Larnach Castle was now considering ways to display the map for visitors to the castle.

“It is timely that we now have a map from 1871, which is the same year as the castle was built.”

Planning was under way for marking Larnach Castle’s 150th anniversary in 2021.