Investor asks peers to buy in to fresh thinking

Investment concept . . . Dunedin property and business investor John Le Brun is calling for fellow investors to join him in a new I.D (Invest Dunedin) Project. PHOTO: BRENDA HARWOOD

“When you bring people together, amazing things can happen.”

That’s the philosophy of Dunedin property and business investor John Le Brun, who is searching for fellow investors to join his I.D (Invest Dunedin) Project.

Inspired by media reports of a national group investment concept, Mr Le Brun believes Dunedin is the perfect place for “fresh thinking” and creativity from local investors.

The project would involve 10 local investors, including Mr Le Brun himself, contributing $100,000 each to create a $1 million investment fund.

“I’m hoping there are other like-minded investors out there, who also feel that there is no better time than now to invest in local people and ideas,” he said.

Mr Le Brun, who was part of the fundraising team which raised more than $600,000 five years ago to buy the Dunedin Night Shelter buildings in Lee St, has a strong interest in social justice.

“With the loss of livelihoods that are occurring out there in the community, I believe investing and encouraging people to come forward with ideas is the right thing to do.”

His vision for the Invest Dunedin Project is for investors to form a “mastermind” group, akin to a “friendly Dragon’s Den”, to hear ideas and help budding entrepreneurs to develop them.

“In that way, it could encourage fresh thinking and creativity, help to inject positive energy into the city, and create local jobs.

“This is Dunedin helping Dunedin and the skills of investors with local ideas.”

The project would also have the potential to spark similar undertakings, both in Otago and in other parts of the country, helping to stimulate local and national economies, Mr Le Brun said.

He also felt that, if local creatives became involved, it could make an inspiring documentary series.

“Like throwing a stone into a pond, I believe it could have a ripple effect there.

“To me, the concept is a win, win, win, win – good for Dunedin, good for the local economy, good for people, good for New Zealand.”

Mr Le Brun is keen to drive the idea forward, and would be happy to discuss the Invest Dunedin concept with potential investors.

He can be reached on (021) 332-395, or by emailing