‘I’m really keen to get out there and get some work’

All fired up . . . Job seeker Rorie White drives his mobility scooter Ruby in Northeast Valley last week. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

A desire to return to work burns in Dunedin man Rorie White.

Mr White (26), who has cerebral palsy, is on the hunt for a part-time job.

“I’m really keen to get out there and get some work.”

He has set himself a goal of securing a job – preferably working as a receptionist or in a call centre – by the end of June.

Once he had realised his first goal, he would save to achieve his second goal of a holiday in Perth to visit family, he said.

In late 2017, he secured funding to lead an accessibility audit project in Northeast Valley.

The audit had improved accessibility in the suburb, by such things as smoother footpaths and better crossing points, he said.

The audit was completed at The Valley Project, where he also worked as a receptionist four days a week.

The funding – provided by Ministry of Social development and Otago Community Trust – ended and he finished up working at community-led development programme late last year.

As a leaving gift, his co-workers gave him a voucher to get signwriting for his red mobility scooter he calls Ruby.

He got decals with flames put on the sides of the scooter, which he was sure made the scooter go faster, he joked.

Personalised number plate decals were also installed – “Ruby” on the front and “Bollard Basher” on the back.

“I’ve hit a few bollards in my time.”

“Poor old Ruby comes off second best – she’s got a few scratches.”